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Hi, need help here. I have a Repeating Group where. each cell has this reusable element shown in the picture. when I click the icon, the edit/delete profile (group focus), is shown. it works nice. however, when the group focus is visible and I clicked the icon again, nothing is changing in the group focus. I want it to hide when the group focus is visible. But can’t figure out how. even with the workflow, “hide the group focus when clicked when group focus is visible” it’s not working.Capture


And there’s a lot of other topic if you search Toggle focus

Any workaround here that is simple? :thinking:

Set a custom state on your button. And use Workflows to format the condition.

Another way is to put the button inside a group. When the group focus is visible the button is unclickable. That way you’re actually closing the focus. When the focus isn’t visible the group containing the button shouldn’t be clickable.

@josh @emmanuel, any words about the toggle group focus bug? Will there be a future fix for this?

I can’t actually make it work. It seems that bubble always recognized the focus as visible even when it’s actually hidden.

I actually used this as a solution first. When button is clicked, show group focus then set custom state to yes. When button is clicked again, set custom state to no. However when I clicked the button, it shows the group focus. When I clicked other elements and clicked the button again, it’s still in the custom state = no, so I have to double click for it to work.

You need a couple of workflows for my solution.

  1. Make a custom state on the button with a yes/no.
  2. When the button is clicked, and it’s currently evaluated to no, set state to yes.
  3. Make a workflow than runs every time the state evaluates to yes, to show the group focus.
  4. Make another workflow that runs every time the group focus is not visible, that sets the state to no. (to catch when it is hidden by pressing anywhere else).
  5. Finally make a workflow that sets the state to no if it’s yes when the button is clicked.

I’m on my phone so I can’t do screenshots. I’d be happy to elaborate if you need it.

I cannot make it work with the repeating group. Bubble cannot identify whenever Group focus is visible or not.

However I made this workflow. and its working some how.


My problem now is, when I clicked the button, and I clicked outside the group focus other than the button, I need to double click the button for it to activate again.

I think I found a solution. It works very much the same as I described, please see this short gif showing it in action.

And here some screenshots showing the workflows and elements:

Got it to work simpler.
Made a workflow “Whenever the icon is clicked and custom state is no, → set state to yes, view group focus”
anothe workflow “Do everytime the group focus is not visible, set state to no”

Works fine now. :smiley:

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