Show / hide using a value held in a state

My app uses several tables to define its structure. This breaks down to primary sections, primary subsections which are separate pages and secondary subsections which can be either separate pages or layers (group elements) on a single page depending on the number of tasks to be addressed in the primary or secondary subsection. The tables currently hold either a page address or an element group name if the subsection is held in a group.
I’m sure I’ve see several ways to navigate using page addresses (URL’s) instead of the “navigate to page” action.
Is it possible to show / hide a group element where the element name is held in a state (variable value)?
This would allow me to create a fully automated menuing system.

Hi Neil - you certainly can using show conditions :slight_smile:

In the example ‘a_quick_tip’ has a custom state [show], which when blue makes the blue shape visible. You just then need to set the state somehow - have fun!

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DUH! Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the hardest ones to come up with.
thanks so much

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