Show Last items on repeating group

Hello, could you please help me, I want to always show the last items of my repeating group ( messages ), so the bar has to be on the end when the page is loaded,

Here’s the image

Thank you !

you need a “on page load, scroll to last cell”

Where do I find it ? On conditional in repeating group ?

Use When Page is loaded OR When RG is visible OR whatever other situation when you want the scroll to happen.


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It’s working, thank you !

Glad you made it work

My concern is, wouldn’t this be unscalable the longer the conversation gets? With its current logic, it would need to load all messages and scroll to the last one.

The longer the conversation gets, you would need to load a massive amount of messages, incurring you A LOT of WUs and a degrade in performance.

There’s a lot of threads in the forum discussing about how to properly structure messaging features e.g. how to load the last message first and scrolling above would load the previous messages. You might want to check those out

Alternatively, use a Reverse RG plugin.
It flips the RG such that the last message is always at the bottom.
There’s a couple of them in the plugin section.

Ah yes ! I didn’t think about that. @ntabs

You mean, when the page load, a certain limited amount of messages will be showing ( last ones ) then once you scroll up, they get loaded right ?

@yourFavFreelancer, I’m afraid it will not be natural for users as it’s not the case on most current apps, what do you think?

Yes. Basically how every messaging platform / feature out there works

Exactly @jamalelarabinass , just load the last 10 messages or so, then load more if the user scrolls up.

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