Show mini chart

Hi guys,

i am using APEX Charts and wanted to display a tiny chart in a KPI section of a dashboard.

Sadly i dont get how to do it properly and now the chart is not visible since a lot of tooltips etc. are rendered.

any idea how to fix it?

Did you tried to enable sparkline? Sparkline are made for this kind of use

Hi @Jici no haven’t heard of it. How do i do that?

I don’t know for this Graph, but in @Thimo Apex chart plugin, some chart have a checkbox for enable sparkline

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Thanks @Jici!

Yes @Dominikreyondx, using my ApexCharts plugin you have the tools to hide all the unnecessary properties of the chart so you can display it in small spaces. You can take a look at the demo page to see how that works: :slight_smile: