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Show next element in a pop up (from a repeating group source)


Does anyone have an idea how can i show the next element from a repeating group in a popup?
For now i have like that:

  1. from the repeating group i click on 1 element
  2. send data to popup
  3. display data in the popup

I added an arrow, which on click, should display data from the next element from that repeating group
Example here: (step 2)

nobody knows? :slight_smile:

I could help, will create an example in the forum app…

Is this your website. It looks pretty cool.

I m making it for the company i work for. They produce this beautiful watches. It s a 1 year old startup :slight_smile: Do you like them?

i can t see any operation in the example…is it functional now?

This might help. It scrolls a popup based on a repeating group.

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yes Nigel . this is what i want. Can i have a link to editor?

It is at the bottom of the page.

Bump! I need help on this… these answers above dont seem to work anymore. :frowning: