Show real-time location to users

So I am stuck again with a feature and I am sure that I can’t do it with the help of the community,
I am working on a real time delivery application the end user who is sitting in his home should track the package which is on its way by a delivery boy. The delivery boy is having the same app. My question is how can I able to tell the current location of delivery boy to the end user ? The location is constantly changing so keeping it in db is not useful.

Please suggest,
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Using the users current location may not be the best choice because as you say it is constantly changing and would need to be updated so as to pass that info along to the other user.

If you want a super smooth, always on type of pinpoint location, I’m not aware of much available for that.

However, if you want to setup something that allows a user to click to view current location, that would be doable as it is just workflows set to run to capture the information, but if the delivery boy is not logged in then it may not be likely to work.

I’m interested to hear what others have to say. I’d like to know if this is possible to get real time location.

What have you tried? And what did not work?

In Bubble you have access to “Current Geographic Position”. Check if you can make this work while the delivery boy has locked his screen. Save the data to the db each n minute.

@codecompany @boston85719 we can of ofcourse acess the user’s current location but it will be the user which is using the app, a user can’t acess riders location by that method.
By updating current users (riders) location into database every 30 seconds and then displaying need to the end user is a solution but its not economical

economical as in it will use capacity?

You could consider what I mentioned to update the location only when requested by the user and not bother to do it automatically every 30 seconds. I doubt most users are going to be watching the delivery driver on their screen. I think most would just ‘check in’ and see where the driver is at any given moment. So when they ‘check in’ you may setup the workflows to capture the drivers location at that moment.

I’m not sure that is possible though