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Show the number of victories etc


I’m working on a personal soccer manager where the user fill it’s amateur soccer matches.

For each match, I fill goals pro and goals against.

Now, I want to show number of winnings, draws etc.

How can I do this?


You may want to share what you’ve done so far, ideally with screenshots, including details of your data structure. What tables (data types) and fields do you have? Are the wins, draws and losses shown per team/user? When you say “I fill goals …”, do you mean you personally, or does the user do this?

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My app has an individual approach.

So, the user add Its own games with goals pro and against.

Thanks to your answer, I added a field where I select the result of the game (win, draw etc).

Now Im trying to show number of games, wins etc, but wins is not appearing.

The app:

Problem: it is in portuguese


Yes, the Portuguese is a bit of an issue. I translated your main description, so I get that your app “is a simple space for you to save the results of your amateur football matches.”

So you have a form that allows a user to enter details of a match - teams, score etc. Does the user also specify who won, or do you work that out automatically from the score? I will assume that you want to work it out.

How/where do you want to show the wins? If you are viewing details of a match, one way to show the win is to simply highlight the higher score. If you are displaying for a user the number of wins/draws/losses, you can do this with counts.

It might be easier if you could share your editor, or at least some screenshots of the relevant sections.

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