Show username insteas of user id

Hey guys, i’ve my app is a soccer league mgt system where users create leagues and update all match info.
Right now the url shows something like this
and I would like it to show like this;
Thanks in advance guys

The reason that the unique ID is displaying in the URL is because you’ve set a page’s data type. If you do not want for this to appear in the URL, you need to ensure you’re not setting a data type for the page.

Rather, what you would want to do is update the path when navigating to the new page. (If you’re using path’s and the league name is a text value, you want to be sure that every value is unique).

The concept is similar to LinkedIn and Facebook profiles (ex. there can only be one

In order to get the data, you should have a group on the page that acts as the parent, then, have a workflow: Do a search for:leagues:first item (Within the search, make a constraint to search for league name = "Get data from page URL (Type: path).

let me get to work then, first, i have to make sure each league created is a unique name