[Showcase] Meerkat Market

Hi Everyone! @m1vp and I are pleased to announce meerkat.market a new companion app to the Bubble Marketplace.

  • This tool is meant to make it easier for folks to search for and find their favorite plugins and templates. It’s meant to help sort and filter for the best in the market.

  • Plugin and template providers can add more details and information (like walkthroughs or screenshots and more) to their post instead of being limited by text fields.

  • We’re also launching better Q&A support - instead of using forum posts that are hard to follow and read, we will have a consolidated view of questions and answers.

  • We will automatically notify you of new plugins and templates by email and twitter of things that are being released. Eventually extending this to allow devs to provide details on new updates.

For the plugin and template devs:

  • We’ve added built in analytics to see how many times people view your listings and monitor your conversions to “install intent”, people clicking the install button on the listing page.

  • These analytics will allow you to track marketing/ad campaigns so you can see how to run ads/content if you’re doing that to grow your business.

  • We’ve made it easier to answer Q&A instead of being bombarded by forum posts and emails. Hopefully, this increases your ability to contribute and willingness to provide more details.

  • We’re also providing a free analytics tool for your plugin and template usage by way of an easy to install JS snippet. This way you can verify how many people are using your plugin and provide a line of communication with them. This will also be used in the ranking systems so a more used plugin naturally filters to the top of the search, instead of relying on the installs metric which does not account for app usage or what’s in production.

Caveat: It is against the Bubble TOS to buy plugins/templates out of the marketplace, so the transactions should still live there. Although, eventually, we’d love to be able to integrate other pricing/packaging and coupon support.

There is a lot more to come. Please provide feedback and we’ll make sure this is a useful tool for the Bubble community at large.

Your Pals,

David and Mark


Looks great guys!! Definitely makes plugin searches easier to navigate :slight_smile:

Could I please make one suggestion? Could you please make URL’s hyperlinks/clickable? :slight_smile:

And maybe instead of ‘Add’l Info’ you could label it ‘Extra Info’ - took me a minute to work out that Add’l wasn’t a typo or something and just trying to shorten ‘Additional’


A gift! Your app is quite pretty.

I just would be cautious with this one. How exactly this works? Telemetry that runs in the editor?

Should be clickable and changed the text!

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It’s leveraging something closer to web analytics (plausible.io) that sends the proper data for processing. Sign in to your developer account and you’ll see the snippet :slight_smile:

I tried but didn’t received any confirmation code when I clicked to claim one of my plugins :sweat_smile:
But to create an account it was just fine.

Great idea. I have noticed a UI issue. I’m 4k resolution and I’m getting both scroll bars on the search results panel when the search result is shorter than the search result list.

Just pushed a fix for this. Let us know if you have any issues.

Which browser are you on?

Latest Firefox on Windows 10.

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[Update] March 21, 2022 - We’ve added the improved plugin snippet and analytics for the plugin developers and added shareable links so you can share pretty URLs on Twitter, Slack or text.

Let us know if you have any other requests or if you have any troubles!

@david67 Is this project still being worked on?