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Showcase: what are the best bubble examples using search?

Hi there!

I’m considering Bubble which sounds like a perfect tool for me, plus the community seems super active, a major advantage.

I think it has all I need for UI regarding my need, but I’m wondering if it would suit my database and search needs, maybe I’m asking too much?

For the sake of example, say the website is a community to share your meals and get inspired by others. On one part you’d add yours, on the other you’d look for ideas in the search engine from all these meals posted by others.
Each meal would have multiple criterias to select (vegan, chinese, main meal or side dish…) when adding it in the database.
A search feature would allow to search with these multiple criterias.

Does this sound doable with Bubble? What plugins or good recommendations would you have?
I have not invested much time yet in Bubble, if it’s too much, I’d rather look for another solution.

Many thanks in advance!

This is a great idea and can most likley be done on Bubble. Its a great site and has many cool features that you figure out by just playing with it for a little bit! If you have any specfic questions you can post another question!

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It is certainly possible to categorize things multiple ways like the example you gave and search them. You don’t need any plugins to do what you are describing. My suggestion is to just start building it, you can probably build a very basic version of what you are talking about in a few days and see what you think of the platform. I have not found anything that can do what bubble can do without writing code so unless you are ready to spend a lot of time learning to do some programming or already know how this is the way to go.