Showcasing my fun project, employee onboarding app!

Hi Bubblers! I’ve been ghosting this forum for 2 years and haven’t posted much, but I wanted to share something I’ve built.

Some background: I’ve been building systems on web platforms for years, most notably Citrix Podio, which I found to be incredibly powerful. When I found Bubble a couple years ago, it was a godsend for my work, and the support community in this forum is amazing :). I recently started my own consulting company and I think bubble, among others, will be a great platform for building business software. I even abandoned WordPress to build my own website on bubble:

Most business programs are either painfully outdated or painfully expensive, especially for small to mid sized companies. I wanna help change that :slight_smile:

It started as a freelance onboarding tracker project for a former job but I decided to take a copy of the project make it my own little sandbox. It demonstrates how a business app (specifically, for HR) can be built quickly on bubble, and showcases come off some features of bubbles framework (permissions, custom states, binding, etc). I hope to clean it up more and provide a template soon. Let me know what you guys think!

PS: I live in NYC. Would love to see a meet up planned!

Resource Request Tracker

This example tracks new employee information from the initial request to department level approvals. It demonstrates how an application can be designed to enable seamless communication between multiple departments (ie Finance, HR, hiring managers, and the new employees themselves).

Development time: 5 days


Auto memorized filters for each user.
Item level and field permissions. Ex: only department head users for a specific department can approve as department head.
Approval notification emails, welcome emails for new users.
Dynamic search box in header.
Dynamic login in header.
User management for admins.
Company branding.
Autosave on all fields.
Comment system for each item with tagging, where tagged users receive an email with a link to the item and the comment text they were tagged in.
Tabbed layout.
Users can attach multiple files.
Users can export their own data.
Dynamic lookup of contact and project records from a database.


Hey James, just had a look at your app- really like it -
I am playing around with something a bit similar, but currently stuck on how to assign permissions based on the role- ex.: the manager of my shop can see all the staff information, but the supervisor can only see staff contact information - any tips on how i can do that?

There are two ways.

one is to create a field called ‘user type’ under users, and show/hide groups of fields based on the current user’s ‘user type’. In your case if the current user has the ‘supervisor’ user type, the element with the private staff information will show, otherwise it will be hidden.

Another way is to use data roles under data - privacy to control what fields are visible to specific users.

see illustrations below:

My example also includes a user management page (you have to sign in to see it):

thank you James, your advice is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey James just had a look at and your concept and work worth praising :slight_smile:
And project management tips plays vital role in these kind of project.
Had a good lookover. Thanks!