Showing a group within a repeating group

Hello all and happy new year!

I’m using the new responsive and experiencing different behavior for showing hidden groups within repeating groups.

I have a repeating groups and inside each cell of the repeating group I have a group that starts off being hidden. I have a button inside each of those cells to show/hide the hidden group. It’s typically an easy way to have a list of things and be able to expand a particular row to show details.

In the old responsive, it’s pretty easy, just give a show/hide command on the button based on the group’s visibility (If group is visible hide it, if not visible show it) and bubble seems to recognize that you’re talking about the group inside that specific cell of the repeating group.

But in the new responsive, when you show the hidden group, it “unhides” all the groups inside all the cells, expanding every row, not just one, which is not my intended behavior.

Instead of show/hide commands, I have also tried to set a state to that cell’s index and for the group only to show if the cell’s index matches the state, but that does not seem to work either.

Clearly I must be missing something about the new responsive. Any suggestions?

please send screenshot

Hey, @crathbun! I just tried replicating your issue and I got it to work. Happy to explain in Loom if you need some context. Here’s the page and then here’s the editor so you can look under the hood. Let me know if this is what you were thinking.

Thanks. Can you try putting the repeating group layout in Column? In my version, the group show hide behavior’s works and only shows the group within the particular row, but it “expands” every row despite not showing the content. Curious if it does it in your version too.

Take a peek now. It’s in a column layout. It shifts the other rows down (just to make space), but the others show fine and don’t expand. @crathbun

Sorry for the basic question (I’m guessing you are already doing this, but it can’t hurt to check), but you have the Collapse when hidden box checked on the group’s Layout tab, right? I have forgotten to check that damn box more times than I can count.

Thanks. It certainly works on yours! Thank you. That is the behavior I expect but it’s not working in my version… I’ve done this 100 times before and never had an issue, just always on the old responsive… Really appreciate the help, something tells me I will have to re-build my page as there might be a bug in it…

I just set the page so you can edit it as well. Feel free to copy it with workflows from mine into yours and see if it works on your page — that might give you an indication into what’s up and then you can just work backwards from there!

Yes indeed!

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many thanks!

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Aha. I had this checked… Unchecking it gives me back my functionality. Thanks all for your time and help!

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THANK YOU - I just wasted hours trying to find a solution myself and I would have never thought of the checkbox either lol