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Repeating group "Show previous and Show next"

Hello there! I´m new on the community and I have doubt I can´t resolve by myself…I have a simple index page that shows a repeating group with all elements from a certain table or type…

Well, I have it set to “fixed number of cells” (5 rows and 3 colums)…Then I have 2 buttons underneath the repeating group:
–next–> Only visible if repeating group is not on its last page and the action is “show next of the repeating group”
–Previous --> Only visible if repeating group is not on its first page and the action is “show previous of the repeating group”

Well the point is that this is working perfect on a pc…But for mobile phones, I only want to show 1 column…So, I set the repeating´s group cell min width to 306 px…And yes, is working fine…When I shrink the page to a mobile´s size, it only shows 1 column, nicely…

But, the problem comes here…Now on mobile is showing only “1 colum and 5 rows” instead on “3 columns and 5 rows”, but, buttons “next and previous” are not shown because they detect that even all columns are not being shown, the repeating group is on its first page and it´s also in its last page…

So I need to find any other way of showing a responsive repeating group (3 columns on desktop but 1 on mobile) but with some sort of pagination or “next and previous” button that behaves correctly on every device (desktop, tablet, phone) … etc… Can you help guys?

Thanks in advance!

Use 2 rg hide/show with current page width