Showing a repeating Group related to current map marker

Hey dear bubblers,

As i now, map markers can only hold “1 Thing” and not a list that is expandable…
So i build a repeating Group that is shown when i click a marker.

I think my mistake is just somewhere by saving the new text for a particular place.

At the moment the repeating list shows me releated text to the map marker, but if I add more to another place, the text is simply added to the number of stored texts.

it looks like



hmm …
hmm …
hmm …

I am a total bubble beginner and this project is only at the beginning … but i would be very happy about an help.

What you need to do is “send” the marker’s thing to the repeating group. And then have the repeating group just show that thing.


Hey NigeldG,

thank you for your reply. That’s just right but it’s just the half answer for my given problem…

i already have this workflow in the project but the problem is that i have somewhere a problem defining the right repeating group RELATED to a specific marker(adress)

let’s take it step by step.

  1. The User create a lets say “Tweet” with a text input and a adress to fill.
  2. My app store this, and create a maps marker.
  3. User taps on the marker and it shows the tweet on the repeating group(livefeed)

that all works fine till i add a second tweet …

i have tryed some solutions but still not work…

Error case 1. when i click on a marker @ the map it always shows the same Feed(it should be Releated to the adress)

The thing to go and where i am now is when i tap a marker it shows the correct first tweet… but when i add some markers(tweets to a other adress) my feed on a marker shows like (Markersnumber* first tweet)

Let’s say “hallo world” @newyork will be shown twice when i have set another marker at zürich with an other tweet on my repeating group(livefeed)…

May you see my problem here… i could not find it :sweat_smile:

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