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Repeating group - display info only in specific cells

I’m trying to make a repeating group as a layer on top of an image, to display exact points (numbered markers) on that image. Basically, displaying markers on a 50x50 grid to indicate certain features of the image. More features are added over time and also need to be filtered according to user needs, so the markers can’t be static. When user clicks a marker, a workflow starts. If someone has a better suggestion on how to display markers on an image (not a map), I’d be very happy!
Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Fun challenge!

My suggestion is to use SVG :slight_smile:

Sounds similar to something I was playing around with where I wanted a canvas I could drag objects onto so as to build a picture.

Try this:

  • make a thing that can hold your numbered markers
  • make a list of COPIES of marker-things
  • set the data source of the repeating group (grid) to that new list of copies

Bubble lists won’t hold multiple copies of the same thing, so if you want multiple copies they have to each be their own thing in the database. That means you need a “template” thing and you should make a “copy” of it whenever you need to add that thing to a list again.

Whatever field it is that’s displayed in the repeating group (grid) can just be empty for the cells that should be empty.

If you set the repeating group (grid) to fixed dimensions the cells will stay in the right place.