Showing certain elements to certain users HELP [SOLVED]

Upon creating an account for my app, must identify a role. This role is saved as a text data type under the User data type. I would like to display certain elements (ie buttons and text fields) to each user depending on their role.

Is this how bubble works? I am unable to ‘preview’ more than one builds at a given time, so I cannot login with two different roles and see. Can someone with experience fill me in?

For example:
If I have a custom state for a page that gets set upon page load, is that state the state for every user logged onto that page? or is a state unique to the current web session? ie the state for user xyz on page 123 is “I’m a professor” while the state for user abc on page 123 AT THE SAME TIME has a state of “I’m a student”
Similarly, if a have a condition on an element that makes it visible when current user’s role = “I’m a professor” does that mean that anyone with role “I’m a student” wont be able to view it?

Hi there, this is easily accomplished!

Create a field under the “User” object called “Role” and make it type “Text”

Then use a workflow when the user signs up to set their role as “professor” or “student”.

Make sure the element is not visible on page load:

Then to display certain elements to either role use the condition statement of either:




A final tip: to make sure there isn’t blank space on your page where invisible elements are, make sure to check this box on the elements:

Thank you