Role Based access control


I am creating an application in which I have a few roles of the users who will be using the app. Based on those roles I want to give them permission to edit or view the elements / inputs. Also based on the same roles I want to show them the records in a repeating group.

Example - I have users tagged to outlets and I have three roles - A, B, C.

  1. I want to show the records with outlets tagged to that user if role is A
  2. I want to show and edit the records with outlets tagged to that user if role is B
  3. I want to show all the records if role is C.
  4. Similarly I want to allow editing or viewing rights given to user at input levels.

One thing which i can think of is putting conditions on each and every input but that is too much time consuming and difficult to maintain as if in future I introduce a new role, I have to go to each and every input box and add one more condition.

Is there any other better alternative available in bubble to implement this?

Have you tried creating styles for your elements?

  • Create a style for your elements. Add the conditions to the style so that when you add a new element, you can simply select the style to choose from… based on the user role.

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