Showing specific database records on conditions

I have event status table that includes status name field with the following records:

  • Live
  • Draft
  • Closed
  • Cancelled
  • Fully Booked
  • …etc

on the event creation page and when saving I want to show only two of the above to choose from - in a radio button element - which are specifically

  • Live
  • Draft

where do I include the condition and how?

In the data source of the radio button:

Search for Status : filtered > Advanced: This Status name is Live or This Status name is Draft

Another way is…

Search for Status (name = Live) merged with Search for Status (name = Draft)

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Heey, thanks a lot, I will definitely try them and get back to you… thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Huge Big Enormous Thank you… it worked in a lovely way… I used your first method…
By the way I watched a lot of your videos and they are really great…

Hi Gaby. I have similar question but a little bit more advance.

I have 2 database table;

  1. Payment Status Table
    Attribute : Payment Status Name (Pending, Completed)
  2. Order Table
    Attribute : Amount, Payment Status


When a customer makes an order, i would like to update Order Table with Amount and Payment Status set to Pending. The way I am updating Payment Status to Pending is through Yes/No button.

How can I do that? I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Is this the right way to do it?

When Payment = No button is clicked, Create A New Thing>Payment Status = “something”. This “something” I can’t figure it out. Pending is not a text, instead a value from Payment Status Table.

And when I want show a list of Order with Payment Status “Pending”, how should I get data with that condition to show in repeating group?