Filter DB rows from another table

Hi Everyone,

For an app that lets users bid on products. I would like to show the user a list of products they places a bid on.

I have the following tables and fields:

Product Name (text)
Price (number)

User (user type)
Product (Product type)
Status (text)

Basically “Bidders” is a many-to-many table between Users and Products.

Now, I would like to create a RepeatingGroup that shows a list of products the user places a bid on.

I played around with the “data source” options but got lost with all those options and didn’t get it to work.

Can someone please give me an advice on how to achieve that?

Hey @fish,

Am I getting you right that you’re creating a Bidder record ever time a bid is made, and you want to show all the Products a certain users has bid on?

If that’s right, you can probably set up the data source in that RG as:

Do a Search for Bidders (User = Current User) 'Products.

Does that make sense?

Thanks @petter - yes, you hot it right and it works :slight_smile:

Any idea how can I add to that data the “status” field from the Bidders table?


If you want to show fields from the bid itself, you’ll probably need to restructure your search to show a list of Bids instead of the Product. and then reference the Current Cell’s Bid’s Product to show the Product information, and the Current Cell’s Bid’s status to show the status text.

Thanks @petter

Exactly what I needed!

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