Showing % symbol on inputs that are percentages

I have a number of input elements that I want to be percentages. I’ve tried setting the ‘Content Format’ as percentage, and I have also tried “format as”, but neither of them seem to add the percentage symbol.

I know I can do it if I make it a text element, but I wanted to keep it as an input as I want to use it in further calculations and charts.

Set the type to Decimal instead of Integer.

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Tried that, but still didn’t get the %. Ended up keeping that as decimal, but dividing by 100 and also setting number format to decimal and specifying 4 decimal places, which resulted in me getting the percentage to two decimal places :slight_smile:

So I am now getting it displayed as 6.74% for example, which is cool.

Where I was getting stuck was that it seems BOTH have to be set to decimal and the results needs to be divided by 100, which makes sense mathematically.

Thanks for your help @nocodeventure

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