Shrink or expand repeating group's cell height beyond its default

I have a repeating group in which each cell has 2 groups that are shown based on conditions.

Group Large (H:60px)
Group Small (H:30px)

If parent group’s/current cell’s Thing’s size = large (Group large is visible and vice versa)

The point of this is to have 2 30px groups shown in the cell for each 60px group.

This is not possible because:
If you set the default cell height to 60px, one Small group is shown and the other 30px are blank.
If you set the default cell heigth to 30px, the Large group only shows half the group’s height.

Any thoughts?

I was just pondering on the same topic :slight_smile:

Wanting variable height (or indeed just small or large) cells depending on conditions.

Don’t think I can do it ?

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Yes I have that working at the moment.

I have a database with two types of checkpoints, normal ones and milestones. The milestones are larger. two checkpoints for one milestone. They now collapse to half the milestone.

however, there are some issues with other other groups on the page affected by the css and I havent gotten around troubleshooting.

Will try tomorrow and put it in an open app.

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