How do you make repeating group row shrink in height when some of content is not visible

I have a repeating group that has some standard content in, but then it also has a group that is only visible if someone clicks the link to show more information.

On clicking that link I want the row to expand to fit in the group that has previously been invisible. I can get that bit to work fine, but can’t figure out how to have the row at the small height by default.

Here’s a screenshot to help explain:

I basically want the row to be the height of B when the bit labelled Previous Writing is not visible. I’m fine with having the condition on that group to shrink when not visible, that’s fine, it is how to get the row itself to shrink.

Thanks for any help!

Have you checked “Collapse this element’s height when hidden” in the hidden group? That should do it

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Yes. That group is collapsing fine, it is the repeating group row itself, which is not reducing in height. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I need that to go down from A (in the screenshot) to B when the ‘Previous Writing’ group is hidden.

Try what @fab118 said about the “collapse element’s height when hidden”…then in your editor make your repeating groups height less than all of its contents.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 12.19.47 AM

The grey box is the repeating group as 1 row. The red is a group inside of the repeating group when it is fully visible in editor.

Then I made the repeating group smaller so part of the red group is not visible in the editor.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 12.19.57 AM

See if that works…if not I’d play around more with the idea…I think ultimately you need to make sure you have a repeating group with only 1 row. Then have a group that fills the entire cell of that repeating group. Then inside of that group place your contents. I’d make the group filling the entire cell “collapse height when hidden” also.

Something along those lines might work

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Hi @boston85719 and @fab118

I’ve tried doing your excellent suggestions, but instead if the hidden group expanding and making the repeating row bigger, it just expands over the top of the row underneath. Which is odd.

Am I doing something wrong do you think?

I don’t think you are doing something wrong. I just think the idea I had doesn’t work.

I don’t know why you are having an issue. In my app I have it working fine. I have a repeating group that is 1 cell. In that one cell I have a group I call “container group” that fills the entire cell…ie it has the same height and width as the repeating group. This “container group” is not set to collapse height when hidden.

Then in my ‘container group’ I have the various elements I want to display. Some of those elements are buttons that I put into another group called “button container” which is set to be visible on condition and to have collapse height when hidden checked. Everything is responsive and I get the correct sized repeating group cells whether the “button container” is visible or not.


Hi @fab118 and @boston85719

I have sorted it out thanks directly to you both.

The fact that you guys knew it could be done, made me stick at it. I think I was concerned when it didn’t work for me, that it just couldn’t be done, but clearly from you both it WAS doable.

I ended up checking every element on the page and found two groups that were in that repeating row. I’d probably created one of them days ago and then when I’ve copied some of the elements and pasted it elsewhere I’ve somehow duplicated that group, all being empty.

With a little testing I figured they were doing nothing, but once I had deleted them both, amazingly the repeating row then expanded and contracted correctly.

So a MASSIVE thanks for your help and encouragement. I think I’d have just given up otherwise and accepted that this content would just have to be visible all the time. Now I have it all totally conditional and a link to view the table or hide it, and if there is no data in the table for that row then there’s no view/hide link.

All works great thanks to you both.

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always remember this…I have had to do it several times and each time discovered the issue was some rogue element that I had either forgotten I created or was created by mistake as I’ve had issues when bubble creates two and element when it should only create one.


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