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Shrinking text to fit

If I have a fixed-sized text box, is there a way to have the font size adjust automatically if the number of characters will not fit at the default font size? So instead of flowing outside the box or spilling into a new line, the font size would shrink enough to fit within the size of the box?

It’s not automatic, but you can set Conditions on the text that shrink the font size as the page width decreases. I do it in our apps, and it’s not perfect but any means, but is the only way I have been able to adjust it at all.

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Thanks @potentialthings.

I didn’t think that there was anything automatic. Guess I’ll just add conditions based on character counts. I am not looking at changing font size as the box sizes change. These are fixed-sized boxes. I wanted a fixed-sized box to show the entire content of a field without expanding or without the text leaving the constrained area of the box. More workarounds!