Side Bar Floating Group Nav + Single Page App Excessive Space When Srolling

Hey Everyone!

I’m running into some responsive issues with my single page application. It is set up with a floating group side nav on the left and page content on the right. When the page group showing has less content, there is a ton of dead space the user can scroll down and get lost in. Check out the video.

Any way to fix this? I have tried everything.

Thank you!

On the group with the most height (the tallest dashboard group i.e the first page you show in the video) make sure to click the checkbox ‘Collapse element height when hidden’.

That will remove any space it occupies in terms of height when it’s not visible.

Does that help?

“Collapse element height” is checked for all elements on the page. I think the issue has something to do with the very long floating group on the left. The floating group has to be full page length to function properly.

Actually I discovered a bumper group for the floating group collapse on mobile and that was the same height as the page. It was set to show when the page was as certain width. Changing that conditional to never show fixed this issue.

Thank you!

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Awesome! It’s always a group somewhere that causes these types of issues, finding it and deleting/collapsing it usually fixes it

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