Sign in without logging in

Hi there! I am making a bubble app(a mdt) where a admin needs to make a account for you. I used the sign in option, but with that you get automatically logged in. This is a problem because if you dont have the role team recruiter, you get redirected off the page. Then i tried using the make a account for someone else option but you can only set a temp password and i want it to be so that a admin can choose your password. So, how do i make it so that when you sign in, you just make a account for someone else?

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Like you said “create an account for someone else” always assign a random password.

If you want a different behaviour you can implement an invite feature:

  • admin create an invite (store the data in the database) with email and a secret code to enter for verification
  • the user goes to a dedicated page where it can input the email and the code
  • if everything is ok you let the user choose a password
  • now you create the user in the database with a signup action

Of course there are some other things to do for security, like keep track of used invitations, some random nonce to add to the page to reduce attacs ecc

At the end of the day there are reasons why bubble does not let the admin chose a password when creating an account for someone else

create the user in a backend workflow. this will avoid the user being signed in, I think, and you can create the user with a specific password.

You could call your backend wf via the api connector and pass back a result to know when the flow is complete.

BUT it might be easier to just create users and send them a reset email password/invitation to the app. Any reason you need to know the password being set?