Sign in with Google and take action based on

Hey everyone!

I’ve successfully set up the Bubble plugin to login/create account with Google (sign up/in with social account, as it’s called in the workflow).

Has anyone found a helpful way to take a specific action, based on if the user did not have an account before signing in with Google?

For a simple example:

  • User clicks “Sign in with Google” badge
  • IF user did not have an account before, perform “onboarding flow”
  • IF user did have an account before, takes them to their account.

If a user is already logged in, the login page automatically navigates them to their account. So the only type of user who would be clicking “Sign in with Google” are those who are not logged in.

Therefore I’m having a tough time knowing what the best method would be of identifying if they are new or not, and taking action based on that information.


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