Sign up/login pop up deleted

Is there a way to add the signup/login pop up back to the elements tab? I deleted it and now I can’t get it back. I know there is the sign up form option but the work flow isn’t the same so I would like to use the pop up. Can anyone tell me how I would get it back?

You can press the back button to undo the last step. You can also revert your app so that it goes back the way it was at a prior moment in time.

Additionally, the signup/login popup is a reusable element typically which means you can simply add it to the current page and it’ll show up again.

Failing all that, create a new temporary app, select the signup/login popup and do a Copy with Workflows, then go back into your main app and do a Paste with Workflows. This has worked for me in the past, not on a popup but I suspect it is the same as other elements.

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