After deleted sign up reusable element, I can't make a new one

Hello there everyone, I have this problem that has been a pain in the neck, any kind of help will be appreciated!!

there are the steps of what I did

  1. Created new app
  2. After few tries of changing the Signup - login pop up that comes with the template app, I have deleted it
  3. I make a new reusable element (a new pop up) with the input fields in order to make a sign up
  4. But when I try to make the workflow in the header, that when “button sign-up is clicked” any action I try to set, it only displays the previous deleted reusable pop up. Not the new one created by me.

Things to consider

  • I have checked, that the new pop up with the Sign up input fields, it’s a reusable element.


Hello anyone=?!=!=!=

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