Sign up merchant using Stripe Account Express

Hi guys,

TL;DR: I get an error when I get redirected to Bubble at the end of the Express flow: “Sorry we’re unable to connect with Stripe”.

I followed the set up:

  • URI Stripe Authentication link is set up in Stripe Settings
  • Stripe plug-in properly set up with the right Dev/Live keys in Bubble.

When I try the OAuth test link in stripe:

I go through the Express process and it fails at the end:

Anyone with a similar error use case? How can I fix this?


Take a look at the following screenshot, please:

In that case, you need to use a redirect URL provided by the API connector.

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Thanks for your help! I did your recommendation. See screenshot below

However, if I keep the URI in Stripe settings I get the same error at the end of the Express flow. If I remove the URI, I get the below screenshot at the end of the flow.

Therefore, I wonder if I should add a Post request in the same API call, based on the documentation from stripe here.

Below is what I did in the same API call. But it still redirects me to the Stripe default page “congrats, you’re almost done setting up your application!”. Not sure if I did it right:

Not here yet… but it feels that I’m getting closer!! :stuck_out_tongue:


May I know if you removed that?

This URL should be a default one.

Yes I removed the link from Stripe Setting, the URI is section now empty in Dev and Live mode.
When I complete the Express flow, I’m redirected to Stripe default page “Congrats, you’re almost done setting up your application!”


Thanks for reporting this issue! Can you please fill out a bug report so that our team can investigate this issue?

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Thanks @eve I’ll definitely be using this in the future and will definitely need to fix this.

Hi @eve,

Thanks for reaching out. I just filled the bug report.


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Did anything come of this?

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Hello? Is anyone out there? Any progress?