Sign user up with Xano


Is there a way to sign a user up with Xano (or another database provider) ?

I need all the user data (including the authentification data, i.e., email and password) to be hosted in my own country (Canada). So, I would need a way for the authentification data to be stored in Xano rather than in the Bubble database.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Alexandre,

here is a Youtube walkthrough of setting up the Xano signup and auth workflows incl. the correct API setup. Login and sign up with Xano + Bubble - YouTube

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Thank you pfthiessen,

Howerver, this solution seems to require that the authentification data (email and password) be first stored into Bubble’s database (thus, Bubble’s servers). This is what I am seeking to avoid.

Is that even possible ?

So this does not store anything on Bubble’s end. All data gets passed through the API call to Xano’s server.

This video is newer, and was the video I initially wanted to link to. Bubble and Xano Part 1: User Authentication (login) and Displaying Data Belonging to User - YouTube

Only thing temporarily stored as a cookie is the authentication token, which I do not think should be a problem from any data privacy viewpoint.

I would recommend you setup the signup and login flows in a test app, so that you can see that no data is stored in the data portion of Bubble but only on the Xano end

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