Signing user up changes one field value but not another

The basic flow of my website is users fill out some information, then arrive on page tailored based on the information previously filled out. They then have the option to purchase some items but in order to do so, they must sign in.

The problem is that upon sign in, one of the values previously saved to the “current user” changes despite the fact that that field isn’t touched during the sign in workflow. (note: there are a bunch of values previously saved to the current user pre sign in but only this yes/no field seems to change.

I have outputted two different values to the screen based on the “current user”. Here is before sign up.

And here is after sign up

Here is the sign the user up action:

You can see I’m not changing any fields here and also, I have checked this workflow and there is no “make changes to current user” action. I’ve also run this in step by step mode to see if any action is causing the problem but I see nothing relating to this field.

Any ideas how one field can change but the rest stay unchanged? I should note that the default for this yes/no field is “no”. Is it resorting to the default?


There are a few reasons this could happen, but without seeing your app, it would be hard to pinpoint. I think one way to iron it out would be add it to a custom state before signup and to store it on user sign up.

Hi there, @paul29… I had a feeling you were right about the default of “no” being restored when the user is signed up. So, I did a quick test, and that is exactly what is happening. If you remove the default value for the field, you will see that the current user’s value is still “yes” after sign up.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for getting back to me and doing this test. I guess I could have done the quick test as well.

I was really hoping this wasn’t going to be the case. Bubble does not allow you to reset the default to blank. So now I have to delete the field and reenter it. Not only will this create a whole bunch of errors, but more devastatingly, this will cause problems when I push live as any existing data saved to the previous field will no longer be mapped to the new field. As much as I love bubble, its times like these that really make it hard to remember why.

You can reset the default to blank. If you click the dropdown and then hit backspace, it will delete the default value. Not intuitive at all, but it works.

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Wow. Lifesaver!!! Thanks so much. I can’t believe I never knew this. I’ve deleted so many fields over the past 2 years because of I thought it was the only way to reset to blank.

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Also, while we’re at it. Is there a way to change the field type once it’s been created? I’m guessing you don’t have a trick up your sleeve for this one but I just thought I’d ask anyway.

I wish I had a trick for that one, but nope.

Figured. Thanks anyway and thanks again for the tips.

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