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New user sign up's data was reset to be default value

Hi All,

I’m not sure this is bug. I created a web application to gathering user financial information then I can recommend right insurance for them.

since I open option for user to fill-in data without sign in the web. However, if user would like to keep the data for next time, user can login into website.

I would like to test if data has been saved if user decides to sign in later. So, I fill-in some data without sign-in. Then I signed in later to see all information I filled has been saved.

The issue is here. If I sign up with Facebook, all data I filled, have been saved into the account correctly. However, I sign up with e-mail, all data have been reset to default value. It means all filled-in data were gone. So, user has to fill data in again.

I’m not what is behind this login. Since I checked the unique id is the same before sign up, so all fill-in data should be not changed.

Please help ! Thank you.

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