Signup/login with Google and Facebook actions cause a hidden group to be shown and a visible group to be hidden

I have a login screen with the workflows shown below triggered when a user clicks the signup/login with Google button.

All the page content that you see in the screenshot above is contained within the Group Login. Group Login is not visible on page load. It is conditionally shown if the current user is not logged in.

As soon as the user clicks the Google button the Group Login is hidden and I show Group Loading (which contains a loading spinner).

Following the Signup/login with Google step, the Group Loading is hidden and Group Login is visible. I don’t know why.

I believe it should not be visible because (1) I just hid it via workflow, (2) it’s not visible on page load, and (3) it’s only revealed if the current user isn’t logged in and following the Signup/login with Google step the user should be logged in.

I tried adding a second Hide Group Login action - which I don’t believe should be necessary - immediately following the Signup/login with Google step but the Group Login is still shown.

Same thing happens with the Signup/login with Facebook action.

Can anyone explain why this is happening or how to fix?

Here’s a video that shows what’s happening. Sometimes seeing helps explain what’s going on…

Thanks in advance for your insight!

The oauth login (google/ facebook) process a action to refresh the page, check the URI that you are redirecting after the oauth login.

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You can create a different workflow when the user are logged.

@ualdir, thanks for the reply. On your suggestion I looked at the redirect URL and noticed there is a parameter “authuser=0”.

I changed the Group Login’s visibility to include parameter “authuser is empty” in addition to the parameter “current user is not logged in”.

This solved the issue. It seems that even after the action Signup/login with Google the user still isn’t logged in yet so the second “authuser” condition is required.


Quick update: Facebook uses a different parameter “code” so you’ll need to add that condition as well if you’re using FB login