help Explanation of the log in process required

Hi forum,

I am writing this post because I have some doubt about how exactly the signup/login procedure works in bubble and how the created users are managed.

I am considering to implement, in an app I am building, the SSO login feature.
I have done it by adding the Google plugin and all the setup needed to let the users to signup/login with their gmail account.
Anyway I want to leave the option to make also a “standard” signup/login process, i.e. a user can signup using their email address (not just gmail ones) and choosing a password.
Furthermore, with the perspective to wrap the application for mobile, I am considering to give the users the possibility to login with their biometrics as well.

Now, when a user signup by the “standard” way, bubble creates a new user in the “user” data type table, assigning to them the email and password choosen by the user.

Also when a user signup (for the first time) through the Gmail SSO feature, a user is created and their email is set with that of their gmail account they used for the process.

I know that the SSO signup/login feature leverages o the OAuth protocol that let the bubble app to access to the Gmail user information by the mean of a token.

At this point my doubt is this: is the database user created trought the Gmail SSO signup lacking of their relative password?
I have tried, after having signed up with a Gmail account and having logged out, to log in again but this time through the standard method, i.e. using as credential the email and password of my Gmail account.
As expected (as Gmail gives access only to the profile information of their accounts), bubble doesn’t let me sign in with such credentials, even if a user with that email exists into the database.

So, is it possible to add also a password to that user in order to let them to log in, for the same account, both with the Gmail SSO and the email/password pair?

Should a user maybe to create another account and then to link/merge the 2 accounts (I know some web application let do this when they recognize the same user is accessing their platform with both their Gmail account and a standard account credentials)?
Or is it possible to just let the user add a further password to their account created during the first signup through the Gmail SSO?
Anyway, in the scenario a user signs up/registers both with their Gmail account and with an email (eventually different from that of the gmail account)/password pair, how should the 2 accounts be merged/link each other?

Finally, how should I proceed if I wanted to let the user add also the biometric log in?.

Thank you!

When a user signs up via SSO (google, etc), their account is created without a password. In order to generate a password for that user, they would need a “reset password” sent to their email using the Bubble workflow action. Then they will be able to login with a password or their Google account (as long as the email is the same as they setup with).

As far as biometrics, you will need to wrap your app and use a native library that will allow that functionality. React Native has this, or their may be something available on the marketplace available.

Look into Jasonelle, I think that could be a good place to possibly start.