Simple autobind doesn't

I have a group A of type Qualities

with a datasource: Current User’s Preferences (of type Qualities)

Qualities has a number of yes/no Fields with default value “no”

I have used autobind to link multiple Ionic Toggles to the Fields of Current User’s Preferences

For testing purposes Privacy settings are Everybody can Autobind to all fields

I have a Text Field linked to Current User Preferences Field1: formated as text

I have Icons for each field set to change colour when the Current User Preferences Field is “yes”

When I toggle the toggle from “no” to “yes”
the text field stays the same,
the icons stay the same

I conclude autobinding is not happening.

What am I missing?

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Hey @peter: You’re doing everything right in terms of how to “debug” this, but it’s not obvious. If you wanted to post a link to your editor I’m sure the issue would be something quite simple… Sometimes these are the hardest things to work out.

'Course, it could be that ionic toggles is busted. (I don’t use it but have it installed.)

Basically, you’re doing everything right in terms of how to figure out what’s going wrong… But you could just be doing something painfully dorky and not realize it. (this happens to all of us)

Here’s what I’d suggest:

GIVE UP for a moment on the ionic toggle. Just throw down a built-in checkbox configured the same way. Do your values change THEN?

That’s what I’d do to get unstuck.

If the built in checkboxes don’t work for you, something ELSE is going wrong

Thanks Keith. Yes, I did try checkboxes and no that made no difference.

if anyone is interested it’s here:

It looks like you are not creating the qualities thing and adding it to the current user, so there is no place to store the preferences. To test, add the following workflow:

On Page Load (event) with actions:

Step 1 – Create A New thing with a type of Qualities

Step 2 – Make Changes to Current User >> Change another field where Preferences is set to the Result of Step 1

Not sure I understand.

Are you saying I have to make a whole heap of Qualities records just to update the Current User records?

That sounds pretty messy

If you want to save things to the database, you have to create the records and with your given structure, add them to the user. My example was just to test and get you going. You would want to add a conditional check to only trigger the event when the current user preferences field is empty. One user, one record.

You were totally correct.

Works fine now