Simple Line Chart Apex Plugin has an issue with unmatching data


i am using the Simple LineChart from ApexCharts Plugin
Plugin Page: Air Line Chart Lite Plugin | Bubble

Here i get the error, that the y and x axis data cannot be matched because there is always double the data for the y axis than for the x axis.

@Benji the error shows “Report to Plugin Author” so here i am.

What can i do?

The “search term” is nearly identical / identical but formatted as text / number.

A possible cause is the presence of commas in the timestamp. In this case you must format it to remove the comma.

How can i do that? @Newed

I need to format it as text with the delimiter “,” otherwise it wont work because it needs a text and not a date.

Thank you for your help :smiley:

What exact format is it in now and what is its intended format?

To complement the answer above. After formatting, as it is a list already coming from the database, you don’t need the “split” operator.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-06 um 14.49.16

I want a list of text from a list of dates.

Usecase: I need the value timestamp pairs for the above mentioned chart to show me the measured data. Therefore there is the timestamp required.

If i remove the “split by” it will throw me an error

Take a look in the editor and in the database. If this isn’t exactly what you need, let me know.

But basically, in the case of dates, just use the “formated as” operator and if none of the predefined options work for your use case (in this case we need one without comma), just use the “Custom” option.

Remembering that this operator changes the formatting only for viewing the data, but the data remains in the same format saved in the database.



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Works fine! Thank you @Newed

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