Simple way to print page as pdf

You need the toolbox plugin and a plugin to add CSS to the page (second is optional).

Download page as pdf:

  • using toolbox, create a workflow event that adds js with the following script:

Optional, ensure colors/images are printed automatically:

Add the following CSS to your page:

  • {
    -webkit-print-color-adjust: exact !important; /* Chrome, Safari, Edge */
    color-adjust: exact !important; /Firefox/


I use this for my native esign feature. Customers sign the document on the page itself via input box and click a button, then they can download the contract.

Pro tip: The page title field in the editor is dynamic, so you could have the page title load the signer’s names. That shows up at the top of the pdf as part of the header. In my screenshot its the text that says "Contract between:


where do you apply the css ? in the page “Page HTML Header” input ?

Yes you can include it in the header or in an HTML element on the page

Make sure you wrap the CSS in the style tag though

okay, thanks, i’ll try it