Any way to 'screenshot' the page and save it as an image?

Im trying to create an app where people can sign E-Contracts. Is there a way to save the page as it is as an image? - I’d like to then email this to myself and my customers as a sort of E-Contract.

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I found the screenshotlayer plugin but can’t figure out how to use it.

Yes and no. Have a look at the Documental plugin with the snapshot element. @jarrad has providd tons of examples so you should be able to work it out.

However, the whole thing isnt really at a point where it fully works (for my signing purposes). So see if you can work it out, otherwie its waiting on an update.

Thanks very much for your response. I’ll have a quick look now and get back to you.

Single one by one or in a quantity?

If you have a quantity need I would suggest you communicate with

These are all very expensive services

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