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Single loop on gif image

Hey guys,

Anyone know how to have a gif image loop once? If so, is there anyway to have it so that it plays on hover?


You might have to use a 3rd-party gif editor to make the modification. Just specify there that it shouldn’t loop.

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I don’t know how to make it loop only once, but I was able to make it play (animate) on hover…

In the conditional for the repeating group, add “when this image is hovered” then select image source state and choose the dynamic image to be "current’s cell animated gif’s still url to current cell’s animated gif’s animated url.

Now when you hover over the image, it animates it.

I think there is some sort of ‘bug’ here… I have an animated ‘no loop’ GIF which when opened in Chrome plays once. However, when it loads in the Bubble web app (in Chrome) it loops?!

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