Single user, with multiple OAuth Logins from the same provider

Hello Bubblers,

This is a unique issue, not sure how I can get around it.


  • All Users start with a standard email / password
  • The User can create a profile
  • The User can then add social networks to this profile

This all fine, because it adds the OAuth token to their user account but… the Oauth Tokens are hidden and not stored in my viewable database

What I need is the ability for the User to add an additional Profile with separate OAuth/Social accounts.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance

Definitely doable, but not exactly quick and easy. You do it by doing all the token management on your own, rather than using the social login.

I actually just wrote up detailed instructions to handle the google oauth flow, over here: Google Calendar API use case

Rather than storing tokens in fields directly on the user table, you could just create a new data type with various fields and add a list of those to the user type.


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