Connecting Multiple Social Networks To One Account

Hi all,

I am wondering how I would go about connecting to multiple social networks on the user side, so our Bubble app can send posts to multiple connected channels similar to how Buffer works.

I.e. the user would connect their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc accounts to our Bubble app in their user dashboard and this would authorise the app to post on their behalf to their connected channels?

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You would have to handle the oauth process yourself using the api connector, instead of using bubble’s native oauth handler. This will allow you to get a token that will let you make calls to those services on the user’s behalf. It also means you have to worry more about keeping the user’s data and tokens safe.

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Thanks. Wrt to keeping the tokens safe, can it be stored as a hash in Bubble db?

I touched on this a bit here:

I make an api call to decrypt the tokens whenever I want to use it.

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Hello Reece i am having the same difficulties, i tried with the api connector while it not working.

Do you have any solutions? I would like to have Facebook Twitter and Instagram connected to one Bubble account.


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Hi Ren,

Unfortunately we didn’t find a solution using Oauth, we ended up building our own setup to allow this using Auth0

You can have your own approved app at each network. You’ll need submit for approval an app per social network, which can include submitting videos, scope permissions, and an audit review. After you obtain approval, you can then built against each networks API to post. Please be sure to follow the different rules of each network regarding posting frequency, image and video size/dimensions, and encoding. Then you can build a screen to allow your users to connect each of their networks and start posting on their behalf.

Disclosure: I have an app - Ayrshare - that does all this for you if you don’t want to build yourself. Can check out this article and video on how it works or our Bubble Plugin.


Hey @gbourne that’s a fantastic solution! I only wish @NigelG and I had that plugin when we were building SendPilot, as we dealt with those networks separately.

Does it allow end users to connect their own accounts using Oauth to build something like Buffer/Hootsuite, or do the API creds have to be hardcoded?

Great work and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Good question. It allows you to have each of your users/clients connect their social accounts on their own. You can then post on their behalf via the API.

Did you happen to use webhooks for instagram, Facebook etc?

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Hi there,

We use Pathfix now for all social networks, it’s a great solution.