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Site is super slow since last night for multiple users

Adding this as a bug just in case it floats to the top this way for you guys - we have a separate thread going where people all over the world are experiencing sluggishness to the point of not being able to work (UK, US, Dubai).

Is there a known issue/maintenance going on?


Make sure that you’re submitting a ticket to [email protected] I think that’s the best way to have them look into these types of issues more quickly.

They also have a pingdom page to give a sense of how the system should be performing, although I’m sure this is somewhat limited in showing more specific issues.

Thanks @Kfawcett.

Submitted ticket. Good to know about the pingdom site, though you’re right, it’s limited as it’s showing all green for the past 24hrs which is definitely not the case.

It’s gotten better for me in the past couple of hours, but still lags frequently and crashes intermittently.

Thanks @Kfawcett.

Replied on this thread (Maintenance going on right now?) – short answer is this is not planned maintenance, don’t know what the cause is yet, am investigating…