Sitemap.. To Download or Expose. Said me the Newbie looking for better SEO

Hi guys,

I am having trouble with my sitemap. I just put my site live a couple of days ago but multiple things are wrong. when I expose my sitemap and go to i get the error you can see below.
and then I also tried using screaming frog to get it manually but then I get a sitemap like you can see below which does not make sense.

Do you guys have any suggestions? thanks!!

Thanks for posting! By chance, have you checked to make sure your DNS settings have propagated correctly?

Hi! thanks for the answer. I did per your recommendation and it seems like it is.

Update. My sitemap is showing and google seams to be able to read it on the surface but when it looks for sitemaps of the other pages it cant find it.

I am stuck once again, suggestions?

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