Sizing dynamic data inside a textbox

I’m still new to Bubble so my take here might be a bit unsophisticated., but I was just using dynamic data inside a textbox that’s very tiny. The textbox is inside a menu group and also sitting beside other text elements that will hold dynamic data as well.

When I added the string that makes up the dynamic data, the container grew and pushed away the logos on top and my menu also expanded in height (I’m in responsive engine) and doesn’t look good in my editor. This doesn’t affect the preview, of course, but I was wondering if it might not be helpful to make the text of dynamic data always shrink or grow depending on its textbox bounds. Even if it is very small, since it is facing the creator only, it won’t matter. Also, it’s possible to view it in a property menu anyway.

I think this will help to keep the page in the editor mirroring the page in the browser so its a more satisfying experience for the creator as they are creating.

If there is already a way that others are dealing with this which I don’t know (and I suspect there is), can someone kindly point it out to me?


You can add conditionals to text boxes to make the Font smaller or larger based on the count of characters of your text.

That works nicely for the user facing side of things. But it is very useful to know. I’m trying to use this in a search box. I wonder what expression I might write for that, though? Do I have to create a new custom state? Cos I can’t see anyone for the size of the box.

Does that make sense? I want to reduce the size of text in a search box when the width of the box is greater than or equal to 50.