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Sizing repeating group's cells

Can the individual cells size within a repeating group be modified? Lets say I have 3 cells an need two to be single lined and one to be multi lined?

I don’t believe so but there is a solution!

The Cell Content Attribute has a check box called - Cut off content - if the element is not tall enough
If you check this box, the text element will cut the content if it’s too high and add ‘…’ at the end of the text. This option is available in responsive mode.

So this workaround keeps the cell sizes constant but allows the reader to know there is more content instead of trying to use a multi lined solution.

I think this is a clean solution otherwise you have intermixed different sizes of content in rows of data you are displaying.

Thanks for the response. That makes sense. I guess I would have to just settle with using text boxes of different sizes.

Hey a bit off topic here but can a calendar have more than one data source?

I recommend starting a new thread for that, so others can find it if you get a good answer. Helps out the community!


I agree with @potentialthings post it in the general forum as I’m sure everyone else is wondering too :slight_smile: