SketchFab API integration

I have been struggling to create a sketchfab plugin using the Viewer API and it has been unsuccessful. Nothing displays when i preview the demo page.

Can anyone help me? Attach is the api link Viewer API - Examples - Sketchfab

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This is not really an API issue but a plugin issue. You should change the category of your post.

How did you learn building plugin? This is your first post, so I guess you are new to Bubble…?

@Jici is right. Maybe explain what you are trying to do. As far as I see, ViewerAPI is just viewing models in a page. If you are just trying to do that (view sketchfab models in your page), you can just embed them in your bubble page using html element:

Every model has an embed code, but most parts are same and you just need to switch IDs or URLs:

I have built a couple of plugins but not complicated as this one. I used REST API to build them. I am also self taught, so i understand my limitations.

Okay, I want to build a 3D product configurator plugin using the SketchFab Viewer API.

User can be able to modify 3D product design to their taste by changing colours, size, texture, etc.

The plugin is for a Fashion Ecommerce app.

I will be grateful if you can help me pull this off.

This is not really an API. You need to create an element plugins. If you never created this type of plugin, you should first look at an available course but also on free plugin that have visual element. It will help you understand how to create this kind of plugin.

The issue is how to make the Element Plugin display as an iframe.

Any code or setting to help?