Slew of errors in the console today

This just started happening today, so I’m assuming Bubble changed something since yesterday. Is anyone else seeing these kind of connection errors? Is this something I can fix or is it definitely on Bubble’s side?

I’m in Chrome btw.


Not seeing this in mine, but:

  1. Create a new page, see if the console is still giving those errors
  2. If the error still occurs, create a new app, check the console

If step 1 or 2 resolves the issue, the logs are most likely being produced by a plugin which has for whatever reason, broken!

I reverted back to a version before this was happening and it’s now happening on that version. I also deleted the only plugin I had updated since this started happening. In both cases the errors persist.

My understanding is that if I don’t upgrade a plugin, it’s functional will not change. Are there cases where that’s not true? If I’m correct, then I don’t think this is a plugin issue unless I’m missing something.

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So it wasn’t a Bubble plugin, but it was a Chrome extension - namely, Evernote. Once I turned that off the errors stopped.


Glad you figured that out. Just a by the way, yes you choose when plugins are updated. But every plug-in relies on some third party libraries at one point - even if you write in pure JavaScript. This is because things get outdated, even things that have existed for a long time (remember flash?) So in essence you’re intuition is mostly true for plugins - but be careful about installing plugins that aren’t actively maintained because if a dependency breaks then it won’t be fixed

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