Weird console errors

Hey there,

I have some strange error notifications in my console logs, kinda out of nowhere.

On pages with lots of elements there are a lot more of it, up to a thousand+.

These occur on all of my apps, and also with custom html/plugins deactivated.

Anybody else having this problem?


Same here, started a couple hours ago

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Prob should file a bug report. :slight_smile: That doesn’t seem right.


We are looking into this

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Confirmed with our engineering team that the console message is harmless and is meant to mark some things in our code that we want to clean up for better performance.


100+ Console errors on my page, which I assumed was a malfunctioning plugin.

Spent the better part of an hour troubleshooting this, tearing my hair out, and rolling back my code by several days just to try and flush out the issue. I don’t know about others but I’m super comfortable doing that unless it is absolutely necessary. Found out it was happening on any page with a repeating group.

Some communication on this would have been appreciated and saved much undue stress.


@jon2 Thanks for the feedback and we will aim to communicate for future situations.

@jon2 Thanks for stating this, I did the same. Also Friday 2 weeks ago. The error message is not harmless when it causes panic, lost work, lost time.

So funny. Getting these too. Happens when I manipulate an array using .reverse().

@neerja: Might I humbly suggest that there be a way to disable these messages (which I’m used to seeing being thrown, BTW)… They make life VERY HARD for those of us working on plugins. Because the console will STOP throwing errors when a bunch of errors are being thrown – making it near impossible to expose REAL errors in code we are developing or debugging.

Could these not be logged in some other way or something? I am literally at the moment working on a plugin which is tickling these Bubble “reminder” errors and cannot work efficiently on it.

Put another way, “BUBBLE, KNOCK IT OFF.”

@Bubble: Now I’m getting furious, actually: This error is OBNOXIOUS. KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. This screen snip is from not the plug I’m working on but from something else I’m trying to reference here in the forum:

EVERY SINGLE APP throws these all over the place and it is impossible to see anything in the console. This is so insanely rude that it borders on sociopathic. QUIT BOGARTING THE CONSOLE.

Apparently you cast types all over the place. Yippee! You can stop informing yourselves of this.

@keith I’m furiously advocating not to expose this console error. This behavior should be fixed by next week to be less annoying or not exposed at all


Would you be willing to moderate your language and the energy you bring to this forum with posts like this? Would you be willing to do something that releases your depths of feelings before posting in situations like these?

I felt a physical pain in my body reading your words.

I personally do not wish to find such language and energy on the Bubble forum.

Best wishes,


Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of those adversely impacted by this issue. But I, too, would like to urge civility in the discourse.


We’re adults here, right? mostly? I agree that adults scolding other adults is repulsive.


It seems to be coming from

When I stopped using the bubble_fn_ function, this error stopped for me.

I’m trying to figure out how to work around this plug in which has been quite handy for me!

@mishav have u had anyone else report anything about the cast error and the toolbox plugin? maybe it’s an easy fix or i am using the plugin improperly. thx!

I set up a simple example of how the error gets generated for me.

This causes a problem

It outputs fine on screen but generates a console error.

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me too downgrading to a previous version makes no difference. Are you seeing this on those pages where you are running this function or across all pages

i’m seeing it specifically when running this function. but i’ve found a workaround by using the trigger event and then assigning the value from the trigger event into the database. i made a “Location” object. You can see it here:

hope this helps some… was going a little bonkers over this :sweat_smile:

Thanks, ive just had a peak at a few other well known bubble sites and see same console errors. I removed Toolbox (just to check …i cant live without that) and still seem to be getting suprious console errors. Seem mine is related to RG’s …

Same HERE, need toolbox :wink:

App is «working», but performance takes a hit from the console being flooded.
Same for you ?