Slick Slideshows is not responsive with the new engine!?

Hi there! I’ve been using slick slideshows plugin, for a image slider carousel with no issue, since I’ve been migrating some pages to the new engine I’ve come to realize that the plugin doesn’t have any setting under the new responsive engine, it shoes like its always fixed , and doesn’t have any options to set min or max width and height
Has anyone found a work around fix? Please let me know, I’d really appreciate it

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Actually a lot of plugins are not updated for new responsive engine. We need to enable that in plugin editor but the plugin editor received this feature only a few weeks ago.


And I’m actually surprised that is not responsive because slick slideshows is a plugin created by bubble

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The only solution I can think of is putting several slideshows of different dimensions and making them appear and disappear with the conditionals, I don’t have a lot experience, do you have a better solution than that?

I may have something for you that I will look for some tester. It’s a new caroussel plugin. If you are interested, send me a pm

Totally interested

I’m having the exact same problem.

My slideshow was working well up until a few days ago-

Then it randomly resized itself and now I am unable to edit it responsively.

It can be resized if it’s in a fixed group only.


We’re going to have to wait for bubble to update the plugin, in the mean time I put different slideshows of different sizes and I use the conditionals to make them appear or dissappear based on the current page width, it’s not optimal but it’d temporal

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Dang. When do you think they’ll update it? Did you submit a bug report already?

I haven’t, but I will, i want this fix so bad

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I have added a beg report too :slight_smile:

Hoping they fix it as soon as possible in the mean time I use the conditional and id attributes to change the width of the slider based on the current page width, if you don’t know now to do it let me know and I’ll walk you through

Was there ever a solution here? Almost a year later and Slick slideshow appears to still only have fixed width/height and can’t change dynamically.

I’d like the slideshow to always consume 100% width and use the full height of the display.

That is on the plug-in creator you will need to contact them or recreate the plug-in

Slick slideshow is a bubble developed plugin.

Without responsive layout support, I needed to create 6 copies of the slideshow and show/hide depending on current page width. This is a gross solution and is prone to bugs.

What’s up bubble? Are you planning on keeping your plugins up to date or what?

File a bug report. Updating a plug-in to new responsive engine takes a matter of seconds to do. I’m sure they will fix quickly

@nick.carroll @grace.hong

Thanks. I just filed a bug.

Looks like Slick Slideshow still supports the old legacy responsive properties from before the proper responsive engine was implemented, documented here: Responsive Properties (Legacy) - Bubble Docs