Slick SlideShow not working in preview mode

Hey there !

I have installed Slick Slideshow and uploaded 3 pictures. However, the pictures are not displayed in the preview mode.


Hey @mubarak.nawar, welcome to Bubble! Could you share additional screen shots so I can see how it’s configured?

Or if you’d like, share the editor and I’ll try and help you out. Feel free to send it in a private message if you wish. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply…

I dont know how to share the editor but here are screenshots of the configurations

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Conditional and Transactions sections are not setup to anything tho …

Are you by chance deploying to live? Or are you previewing in Development mode?

I’m previewing in Development mode

Can you send a editor preview link?

Settings > General > Application Rights changed to ‘Everyone can view’ > Copy and Paste the URL.

I’ll try and take a closer look if you want.

I sent you the link in private message